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100% Pure Soybean Oil for Skin Body Face and Hair Growth - 16 oz Carrier Oil Perfect for Creams Lotions and Lip Balm

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Our soybean oil is a 100% pure, undiluted product extracted using the expeller pressing method from the seeds of the Glycine Soja plant. It contains no added ingredients and is rigorously tested for purity with every batch, making it safe for all skin types.

Widely recognized as the most commonly used vegetable oil worldwide, our soybean oil is a popular choice among massage therapists due to its nourishing properties. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps to protect and moisturize the skin.

Whether you're using it for massage or as a carrier oil for essential oils, our soybean oil is the perfect choice for those looking for a pure, natural product that promotes healthy, nourished skin.


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